Designing a Mobile Workflow Engine

To securely transfer mission-critical data in a mobile environment.

BIO-NEXUS is developing an innovative and unique technology combining the most modern developments in Embedded Reality in order to form a solution that will guide the users through the relevant process.

The core competence of Bio-Nexus is a Mobile workflow processing software platform that is ready to be deployed.  The product facilitates rapid workflow processing, in environments such as maintenance, critical real time supervision and where accurate execution depends on an efficient workflow processing can make a difference.

The Mobile Workflow Engine is used to manage, in a Creative and innovated way a process characterized by High cost and High risk, such asAircraft Fleet maintenance.

Bio Medical1
Providing a full mobile tactical-medical platform both for the civilian and military sectors. The platform provide a set of tools to enable control and supervision over several multiple casualty areas.
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The Aero Nexus System is focused on the aeronautics  sector in which it is providing a full real time mobile tactical-operational – maintenance  platform both for the civilian and military sectors.
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Tracking  in real time operational data from the Point of Care world wide (POC) onward. The systems connect, document and manage all procedures with a full transparency and interactive remote supervision.
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