Solution Overview

A leading Digital Mobile Solution For Aviation Line Maintenance Crews.
End-To-End Aeronautics Maintenance Management & Pre-flight preparation solution.
An Innovative and revolutionary way to achieve a paperless line maintenance procedure conducted on a regular mobile workstation interface.


As the world becomes digital, more and more actions which were traditionally conducted through paperwork, migrate to a digital environment via mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.
This phenomenon did not skip the field of aviation. Today, many operations in this field are conducted online, from flight purchases to piloting a plane.

However, this has not yet reached the complex processes of line maintenance routine check.
Line maintenance protocols and forms (Daily, Weekly & transit Check), in the majority of airlines around the world, are still followed through hardcopy paper protocols. This method is prone to human error, is time and resource consuming, as well as space consuming due to the amount of archiving required.


Aero-Nexus Solution

The Bio-Nexus group developed a novel mobile workflow engine that excels in streamlining complex processes and protocols, which are time sensitive and of high importance.

The mobile software is designed to address the needs and challenges of any mobile teams that conduct High Risk & High Cost Workflow complex missions.
The Aero-Nexus Mobile Platform (ANMP), is a digital workflow system that provides a better way to manage the aviation tactical line maintenance procedure worldwide.

The mobile software provides line maintenance crews with a step-by-step interactive Daily, Weekly & transit Check protocol in a digital format. This allows the technician to enhance efficiency, prevent human errors or flight delays, as well as save valuable time.

The Aero-Nexus system also provides online access to all the information or documentation required to aircraft technicians, including the manufacturer’s documentation such as AMM (Aircraft Maintenance Manual) or Job cards.

Excellence: Do it right, on time & Avoid human errors.

The Aero-Nexus will also provide data capture and real-time data recording from all the active technicians in any airport in the world or MRO Service Provider at remote airports.

The worldwide fleet status and overview at the airline HQ will offer relevant key personnel better options for managing and conducting the fleet operation. This allows more time in the air and improves fleet performance, while offering better customer service.

The main users of the Aero-Nexus solution are line technicians, the MCC (Mechanical Control Center) and the Fleet Operation Center.

The Aero-nexus is a user-friendly system, very easy to implement, it can be the tactical module and interface for any MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) software system.

The outcomes for the Airlines or MRO service providers

Streamline the engineering process while minimizing the risk of human error and improving flight safety.
Optimize operational processes in order to reduce departure delays, the cost of delays, as well as yearly maintenance costs.
Integrate innovative technology in a previously non-digitized area of the organization.
Added financial value for the organization – less time spent on technicians’ paperwork, printing and archiving, as well as less time and money wasted as a result of delays.
Real-time online data collection provides Big Data analysis capabilities and valuable insights.

Fully Client customized – Flexible UI and UX

A real time complete picture of all
aircrafts anywhere in the world

Teams and HR Shift management

Statistical overview of all fleet operations

Aero-Nexus key benefits

  • Digitized line maintenance procedure on mobile workstations, enhancing efficiency.
  • Step by step interactive protocol – preventing human errors and improving flight safety
  • Remote supervision on the MCC & operation center
  • Reduction of turnaround time and cost of delays
  • Data capturing and on-line access to all fleet documentation and aircraft manuals.
  • Real time data recording and automatic archiving
  • Agnostic to hardware
  • Big Data Analysis capabilities
  • Client customized
  • Paperless – environment friendly