Solution Overview

Bio-Nexus system provides a complete telemedicine solution,
for both the military & civilian sectors.

The Solution

The Bio-Nexus mobile workflow platform provides an end-to-end cross-platform solution for the creation of interactive & dynamic digital medical treatment protocols and records (such as PHTLS etc.), managing casualty’s real time information in a bi-directional flow, starting at the Point of Injury (POI) onward, through the whole evacuation chain. A substantial “Golden Hour” efficacy driver, the system digitally manages, connects and documents data of all relevant emergency medical personnel and echelons during emergencies such as accidents, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, military scenarios, etc.

The System Capabilities

  • Real time complete & accurate bi-directional data stream
  • Interactive real-time remote supervision
  • Flexible client customized workflow/protocol/interface implementation
  • Voice activation, hands free solution
  • Connectivity to third party medical devices (Critical care monitors, ventilators, respirator, blood pressure monitor, oxygen saturation monitor, etc.)
  • Supporting various strategic and tactical communications networks, civilian and military
  • Embedded advanced algorithms supporting decision making
  • Cross platform connectivity, hardware agnostic
  • After action reporting/archiving/debriefing capabilities
  • Full simulation platform


Enhancing the “Golden Hour” Treatment Efficacy

  • Real time mobile bi-directional information stream platform
  • Voice activation, hands free solution
  • Third party medical device connectivity
    (respirator, blood pressure and saturation monitors, etc.)
  • Interactive & dynamic digital medical treatment protocols and records (as PHTLS etc.)

Medical Officers

Enhancing the Evacuation Process Efficacy

  • Interactive real-time multiple teams supervision
  • Complete & accurate bi-directional data transfer, audio and video stream
  • After action reporting/archiving/debriefing capabilities

Medical Command Center

  • Interactive real-time online event overview and control
  • Geo location multi-layer map view and communication
  • Flexibility in assets and resources assignment