Solution Overview

Care-Nexus is a leading end-to-end cross-platform software for the workflow management phases from Point–of–Event through Supervisor to the Command & Control Center.

It focuses on the critical & tactical levels creating Optimal interactive & dynamic digital workflow maintenance process.


Technical teams perform periodical, preventive and corrective missions, while the workflow management, monitoring, technical updates and staff assignment are manual and not effective.

Most maintenance operations are still based on hard copy paper protocols:

  • Prone to human errors
  • Large number of documents and procedures for every event
  • One-by-one manual protocols changes and updates
  • Personal responsibility to report
  • Manual data archiving

Our Care-Nexus Solution

  • Digitization of step-by-step maintenance procedures
  • Minimization of human errors in maintenance workflow process
  • Full Control and Management of distributed teams and tasks
  • Immediate teams and tasks synchronization
  • Well organized preventive and reactive maintenance activities associated with equipment, machinery or facilities
  • Accessibility to information at point of event
  • Real time reporting, supervision and assistance to the field team
  • Automatic documentation records and digital data archiving (ADDA)
  • Achieve your goals
  • Digitize critical workflow processes
  • Optimize maintenance procedures – daily, periodic and preventive
  • React to equipment failures with minimum delays
  • Assign right technical team and provide all necessary documentation in real-time
  • Use intuitive mobile application for maintenance steps and instant database access
  • Focus on the maintenance, reduce the overheads

Care-Nexus – Key Benefits

  • Optimization of maintenance and service workflow for periodic and reactive operations
  • Reducing of operation maintenance costs for up to 30%
  • Online and stand-alone operation
  • Link to work documents on server/cloud and immediate updates
  • Electronic record of all the maintenance files
  • Online consulting with a senior specialist and push notifications
  • Dynamic interfaces – real-time supervision
  • Locking service phase, sequenced or non-sequenced workflow dependency sensitive
  • Set critical phases to be confirmed by supervisor before next step taken
  • RFID tagging for instant work-order access
  • Cross-platform – integrative to any ERP or MRO system
  • Compatible with any hardware (all smart phones and tablets)
  • RFID tagging for immediate workflow access
  • Integrated geo-location features
  • Hands-free solution for field technician
  • Features augmented reality capabilities
  • Instant link to the inventory
  • User-friendly customization as per client needs
  • Multilingual platform enables simultaneous work from different locations globally
  • Data Analysis and strong Business Intelligence
  • QoS – Quality of Service improvement
  • Mind the environment – GO PAPERLESS

Point of Event (POE) – Field Technicians

  • Online work documents & database
  • POE accurate data collection
  • Enhanced Supervision capabilities
  • Immediate & Online updates
  • Hands free solution (optional voice commands activation)
  • Online consulting with a senior specialist
  • Live video & snapshots capability
  • Compatible with any hardware (all smart phones and tablets)

Care-Nexus Command & Control

  • Real time overall picture in the HQ and operation center from every POE or remote station
  • Monitoring each machine or team in real time with workflow progress status
  • GPS-based location of all teams / assets
  • Flexibility in HR assignments (change missions, reinforcement of teams)
  • Online consulting of field technician with a senior specialist (voice, video, snapshots)
  • Intelligently created alerts and notifications
  • Online and offline analysis of data
  • Support of any communication protocol (3/4G, WIFI, RF, Satellite and more)

Augmented Reality

  • Real-world environment whose elements are augmented by the staff
  • Driving of technicians’ and supervisors’ creative reinvention
  • Virtual imaging for reducing human errors
  • Highly intuitive and concrete interaction between the staff members
  • Facilitates and accelerates workflow progress

Geo-Asset Management

  • Combining a visual power of maps with the efficiency of data management system
  • Easy sharing, editing and transmission of information
  • Intuitive design with a focus on non-technical users
  • Saves time by making administration, decision making and information sharing easier
  • Combining all assets in one place