Company Brief

Bio-Nexus was established in October 2010 and incorporated under the laws of Israel as a limited liability company. The company’s HQ is located in Israel and it has fully owned subsidiaries in Boston, USA, Singapore & Australia.
The Mobile Workflow Engine is used to manage, in a creative and innovative way, a process characterized by high cost and high risk, such as emergency treatments, aircraft fleet maintenance and the factory of the future. The management solutions improve the technical reliability, readiness, availability and reduce cost and time.

The company was able to integrate the complex yet flexible software with a heads-up display and various headsets, a camera and coupled to a portable wireless computer/smartphone or similar device that communicates with a central unit. The system uses speech recognition (hands free capabilities) as the first priority and interactive menus on the display to facilitate adherence to the protocol and rapid documentation. In addition we have multiple interfaces for the event manager (could be fitted to a ruggedized tablet or a smartphone), and other higher or relevant echelons.

The system was approved by leading military entities, advanced airlines and utilities companies.

The company has approximately 50 different claims for patents that are registered in the US and 28 additional countries.


BIO-NEXUS is developing an innovative and unique technology combining the most modern developments in Embedded Reality in order to form a solution that will guide the users through the relevant process. By using advanced voice recognition algorithms and by having the display on a transparent screen operating the system will be hands-free and with the use of unique synchronized mechanisms the information will be dispensed to all parties involved in the relevant process and for the first time they will be able to intervene remotely and manage the event online. The technological challenges that need to be resolved is the ability of the relevant schemas to guide in an efficient and secure way, creating a system that does not require use of hands with a precise voice recognition technology and real-time synchronization of data between all system users. However, based on the client requirements the system can be fully operated by touch. We have to emphasize that the system is agnostic to the hardware and is designed to work both on Windows- and Android- based end devices.