Media-Nexus Platform for Outdoor Media Management

Bio-Nexus has developed an innovative and unique technology for outdoor media management providing real time interaction between a non-digital billboard inventory provider, advertiser providing the content and installers in the field. Instant bi-directional communication between cloud-hosted server and web-based/mobile clients within the system is achieved through extensive use of modern remote procedure call platforms like Microsoft Asp.Net SignalR and Google Cloud push-notifications messaging.

Field Installer Software

Media-Nexus Installer is a piece of software that runs on the deployable
GPS-enhanced hardware used by installer in the field who is applying a poster onto the billboard. The software widely introduces geolocation and push-messaging at multiple stages of performing installation jobs. It helps the installers to efficiently plan their workload by presenting sites pending installation together with geolocation data and prompting the installer with the directions to the location of the next site.

The installers document the process of applying the poster at the location and subsequently update the system with the data, simultaneously uploading Proof of Performance (POP) image of the installed location to the system storage and notifying all the stakeholders on the job done. The software updates other installers’ devices when an installation has been performed at a location by sending notifications and taking the location out of the list of pending sites. Likewise, in case an installation at a specific site has been canceled by the supervisor, the system also performs live updates of all the installers in the field.

In case of poor or absent mobile internet connectivity the app saves all the data on the device to upload it on the first occasion of reliable connection. If the physical conditions of the site prevent the installer from performing the job, installer can update the system accordingly. Installer can also document various on-site maintenance jobs.
In addition, the software enables the installer to choose prospective locations and automatically enter their details, geo-location data included, into the system for assessment by the manager with the view of possible adding the location to company locations inventory.

System Administrator Monitor Software

The Manager Main Monitor module primary task is to provide a set of tools to enable control and supervision of all processes occurring in the system.

The core of the system is the inventory module, which provides the supervisor with means of updating the existing sites list as well as addition of new locations, either manually or through the use of a list of prospective locations fed into the system via the Installer app software.

The module also provides means for defining campaigns running at every particular location and relaying the corresponding instructions to installers’ apps. When booking order has been completed, the system will provide the installers with detailed list of materials necessary for completion of each set of installations, and update pending locations list appearing in the Installers app.

The supervisor can monitor installations through getting real-time notifications and see the corresponding images on the main map as the sites are being installed and data being fed to the system via Installer app software. The details of each installed site appear on the screen map with GPS locations which is part of web-based interface accessible to users with Super Admin and Client Admin roles.

The Admin Monitor software provides the supervisor with means of managing the properties of other components of the system, namely clients, users, advertising campaigns and orders, which will define composition of set of sites used by each campaign and run duration of each advertising campaign as well as its terms. The campaign definition module is also tasked with providing the client with a set of billing documents as well as various types of reports, configurable as per particular client’s specific needs.

Super Admin Main Window

Client Admin User Main Window

Location Definition Window

Campaign Window

Order – Setting Terms

Order – Setting Locations

Reports (Maintenance)

Reports (Install Performance)

Workflow Definition:

Several types of products can be defined by the system: single or multiple-sided mobile or permanent billboards. Depending on the desired level of interaction between the system administrator who manages the outdoor inventory and the content provider client, as well as type of product, a particular workflow specifying installation order definition process out of the list of possible workflow scenarios can be chosen. Thus, an order can be defined completely by super admin or, alternately, with the involvement on the part of the client. In this last scenario every step requiring involvement of the second party is accompanied by exchanging instant SignalR notifications between the relevant users’ consoles.

Users Roles:

The system provides for creation of several types of users: Super Admin, Client Admin, Client Stuff, Field Installer. Each type of user has a particular authorization level within the system, like follows:

Super Admin has the highest rank in the system and represents the company which owns/manages the outdoor sites inventory. Super admin can add or change locations parameters, manage campaigns on behalf of clients, add or remove orders and manage other users.

Client Admin represents the company which provides the content to be applied on the non-digital sites. Can add or edit campaigns and define which content will run on particular sites within those allocated by Super Admin. Has access to all items belonging to specific company. Can define Custom Role users within the same company.

Custom Staff user has only read access credentials within the limits defined by Client Admin for a specific company.

Field Installer uses Media-Nexus Installer mobile app and does not have access to web-based admin back office.