Bio Nexus Announces Cooperation agreement with St. Petersburg Traffic Department (Passazhiravtotrans) EN

Netanya, Israel, January 2018 – Bio-Nexus Ltd., a leading developer of advanced industrial asset management and rolling stock maintenance software platform, announces that it had reached a cooperation agreement with Passazhiravtotrans, St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise of Passenger Motor Transport, Russia, which is one of the largest public bus carriers in Russia. The agreement was reached through the support of Russian company DTP-NET which successfully operates in the field of public transport in St. Petersburg.

Care-Nexus Industry 4.0 platform is a maintenance management and facility/asset management solution for in various industrial enterprises, while its core-competence is digitization of maintenance related operations in fields of on ground transportation, air transport, production sites, heavy machinery and other industrial fields.
This agreement serves Passazhiravtotrans interest of deepening technical, safety and operations knowledge, in addition to the service expansion and improvement of rolling stock along with fixed assets effective maintenance and operations.
Bio-Nexus cooperation with Passazhiravtotrans based solutions and experience aimed to achieve the following:
• Ensuring security and improving the reliability of passenger transportation based on technologies developed in Bio-Nexus. Intelligent application combining methods for automated analysis of the rolling stock condition that allow optimizing the rolling stock repairs management, while using the experience of the Bio-Nexus Ltd. software product in Israel and worldwide. The software provides technical analysis of vehicles, failure dynamics and planning of preventive maintenance with the purpose maintenance expenditure reduction.
• Implementing a pilot project for testing the Care-Nexus solution of Bio-Nexus as an innovative technological platform for maintenance and resource management based on one of the bus parks of Passazhavtotrans to determine efficiency and possibility of further deployment of the solution in whole fleet and facilities.
Mr. Andrey Lyzhin, CEO of Passazhiravtotrans said “It is an important agreement for our company, which drives our operations into a new era of digital maintenance and asset management. This shall improve the safety of our transport, accuracy of maintenance operations and mainly raise the service level and reduce downtimes”
”Our vision is to reduce human errors, create secure environments and streamline processes executions, additionally support the activities of achieving cost savings and efficiencies by bringing tactical and strategic real-time processes into the digital age,” says Mr. Ztiki Fuchs, CEO of BIO-NEXUS.
“We bring the industry 4.0 into Transport 4.0 with our platform and we sure that this collaboration can bring a great value to both companies” added Mr. Michael Uster, Director of Business Development in Bio-Nexus.

About Passajiravtotrans
The St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise of Passenger Road Transport (SPb GUP “Passajiravtotrans”) is one of the largest passenger carriers by bus transport in Russia and it operates under St. Petersburg State Committee of Transport.
SPb State Unitary Enterprise ” Passajiravtotrans” carries out passenger transportation by buses in accordance with the established procedure. The company serves 150 city and suburban routes by 1400 buses operating daily. The company carries over 300 million passengers yearly and constantly builds its capacity to extend its services and increase safety. The enterprise has a significant role in the organization of transportation on the main trunk routes connecting several districts of the city, replacement of reconstructed or liquidated routes of other types of public transport (including city electric transport) and organization of passenger transportation in emergency situations.
About Bio-Nexus
BIO-NEXUS is developing an innovative and unique technology by combining the most modern developments, and currently focuses on three main industry verticals: large industrial sites (Care-Nexus), emergency medical services (Bio-Nexus Medical) and airliners (Aero-Nexus).
The core competence of Bio-Nexus is the development of its patent-protected Mobile Workflow Engine and the rapid deployment of its flagship mobile workflow-processing platform with service organizations. The platform facilitates field maintenance and critical real-time supervision where accurate execution depends on efficient workflow processing. It also described as an end-to-end digital communication platform between the points of event and the command and control center. The platform helps manage processes characterized by urgency, high costs and risks, such as large industrial site technical checks, on ground and air fleet maintenance and emergency medical services.
The system has been approved by scores of advanced companies and organizations across its target industry verticals, and has 50 different claims for patents registered in different countries.
Care-Nexus (industrial) platform is a part of the Industry 4.0 ecosystem and smart transport.
Real-time connection of service teams to main command center and ability to provide immediate assistance to the front technical teams, brings to smooth operational flow, easy processing of preventive and reactive tasks, significantly improving overall Quality of Service, productivity an operational flexibility of technical teams.
This platform is an end-to-end solution for workflow management from Point-of-Maintenance (technical team) through Supervisors to the Command & Control Center, which can create a layer that unifies existing systems, such as MRO and ERP to a single platform.
CNAM (Care-Nexus Asset Management) offers an online, cloud-based geospatial asset management system that incorporates a set of online tools designed to display, manage and edit data with a spatial component. The platform consists of the Command and Control SW and Mobile applications running and operated on a mobile device.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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