Bio Nexus’ E-Logbook Communicates Preflight Checks – Aviation Week Network

At the Singapore Airshow Bio-Nexus introduces the E-Logbook (ELB), a tablet computer that digitally captures preflight checks done by the pilots and communicates them to the line maintenance crews. The ELB is part of the company’s Aero Nexus line maintenance mobile, digital workflow.

Using connected tablet computers loaded with the Aero-Nexus applications, the system tightens the control and processing of line maintenance, and increases reliability by reducing risks of human errors.

Initial operational data indicates the system reduces ground time by 8-15 percent, which amounts to one hour per day. Planning flexibility and aircraft availability are also improved.

First introduced in 2016, Aero Nexus digitized line maintenance system is now under various deployment phases with a number of airlines including Lufthansa, Czech, Israir, and Air New Zealand. In addition, the system is also undergoing acceptance tests with major Asian airlines. Developed by workflow programing company Bio-Nexus, that specializing in work environments characterized as high risk and high cost, the system digitizes the protocols, inspections and captures data collected by ground crews in the aviation line maintenance and MRO service process.

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