Press Release: IAI Bedek aviation group to evaluate Aero-Nexus for its line maintenance solution

Israel 4th of March 2018,

IAI Bedek aviation group to evaluate Aero-Nexus for its line maintenance solution

Israel Aerospace Industry’s Bedek aviation group through its Hangar Innovation Lab (HLB) has selected the Aero-Nexus software, a product of the Israeli company Bio-Nexus , to perform a PoC at its line maintenance services. The project will enable IAI to test the full range of the Aero-Nexus platform. The results of the initial phase will be used to fine tune IAI requirements for a final commercial version.
The Aero-Nexus system focuses on the aeronautics & technicians for management of line Maintenance & Pre-flight preparation, providing a mobile user interface for line maintenance and pre-flight preparation management. The solution will improve the performance of ground crews in addition to the improvement of technical readiness and availability of airplanes and manpower. As a result, it reduces flight delays and the total annual maintenance costs. The Aero-Nexus system leads to better efficiency and flexibility in line maintenance planning, reliability on performing protocols accurately and prevention of human errors and eventually leads to excellence of airline services.
Aero-Nexus accomplishes the above by digitizing the current manual procedures and integrating them in real time for relevant usage and supervision functions
Currently more than half of all line maintenance performed at Ben Gurion International airport are performed by IAI’s BEDEK,
Ms. Zviya Baron, Head of HLB: “Hangar is a newly launched lab which aims at selecting innovative technologies that answer the commercial aviation arena. As such, we provide Israeli start-up companies with a unique business model that creates a win-win for both sides. Aero-Nexus is an excellent example, as we provide the technical expertise and a test bed, while Bio-Nexus provides an interesting software solution which for the first time will be tested in an MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul) workshop, such as BEDEK.”

Ztiki Fuchs , CEO Bio-Nexus: “we are proud that IAI as an industry leader chose to use our advanced platform. IAI maintains a very high level of service which and we hope that by using the Aero-Nexus platform it will be able to achieve its growth plan in the coming years”
This venture is part of a larger digitization process we are performing at BEDEK aviation group, says Assaf Tamir, CTIO of BEDEK as a fundamental element of the initiation process of the new Aviation Group at IAI.

About IAI: IAI is a USD4 Billion world leader in both defense and commercial aviation and aerospace markets, delivering state-of-the-art technologies and systems in all domains: air, space, land, sea, cyber, homeland security and ISR. Drawing on over 60 years of experience developing and supplying innovative, cutting-edge systems for customers around the world, IAI tailors optimized solutions that respond to the unique security challenges facing each customer. BEDEK aviation is its commercial aviation group. With USD500 million, it has two main business units: commercial aviation MRO arm and a Passengers to Freight conversion arm, being responsible in 2017 alone for the conversion of 80% of Boring aircraft worldwide.

About Bio-Nexus : Bio-Nexus was established in October 2010 and incorporated under the laws of Israel as a limited liability company. The company’s HQ is located in Israel and it has fully owned subsidiaries in Boston, USA, Singapore & Australia.
The Mobile Workflow Engine is used to manage, in a creative and innovative way a process characterized by high cost and high risk, such as emergency treatments, aircraft fleet maintenance and the factory of the future. The management solutions improve the technical reliability, readiness, availability and reduce cost and time.

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