Bio-Nexus LTD was established in 2010 in Israel. Today the company’s HQ is located in Israel and it has fully owned subsidiaries in Boston, USA, Czech Republic, Singapore & Australia.

Based on knowledge sharing and data analysis, Bio-Nexus solutions increase effectiveness and improve technical reliability, safety, and availability while saving costs and time. While originally aiming to help emergency paramedics, today the company provides process digitization, control, and management solutions to the medical, aviation, military, and industry sectors.



The company’s Mobile Workflow Engine is a cross-platform solution for digitizing and managing high-cost, high-risk manual procedures such as emergency treatments, aircraft fleet maintenance and Industry 4.0 manufacturing technologies.

  • Reduce turnaround time and cost of delays and increase flight schedule efficiency with Aero-Nexus
  • Reduce medical treatment and evacuation times with Bio-Nexus Medical
  • Well organized preventive and reactive maintenance activities associated with equipment, machinery or facilities with Care-Nexus
  • Protect medical devices against cyber threats with Cyber-Nexus
  • Share data in an online map environment with Cleerio


Bio-Nexus solutions implement advanced mobile technology developments, which streamline on-site work while providing data-driven decision-making capabilities.
Users of the Bio-Nexus modules benefit from advanced features such as:

  • Remote control of machines and devices for off-site stakeholders
  • Multiple interfaces for the event manager (could be fitted to a ruggedized tablet or a smartphone)
  • Continuous information flow between on-site and off-site personnel
  • Voice-activated, hands-free operation
  • Profile-based UI customization displaying user-specific information
  • Automated alerts and notifications based on user-defined thresholds